Commitment to comply with traffic rules

“Lobbied for a handful of people can go, and traffic lights unrelated & rdquo; of & ldquo; Chinese style cross the road & rdquo ;, Chinese netizens ridicule, the traffic control department in the renovation, Oubao Youth in Action & hellip; & hellip ;!
April 28, 2013 in the morning,Ou Bao Bowes Youth League called on the youth volunteer service team, led by the company in Lishui city youth volunteers to carry out traffic civilization regulations publicity, carried out & ldquo; commitment to comply with traffic rules, refused to & lsquo; Chinese style & rsquo; cross the road & rdquo; theme activities.
After 0900, Ou Bao youth volunteer service team held a brief launching ceremony in Lishui City Rayon Gate Park, volunteers hand traffic civilization slogans took to the streets signs were in Rayon Street, Zhongshan Street, jiguang intensive vehicles and pedestrians crossing street, has the importance of the Code of Conduct safety knowledge to the general public friend of uncivilized behavior of persuasion, dissemination of relevant "traffic regulations civilization" information and preaching to explain the altruistic benefit for safe travel and necessity. Which is also found some common issues, such as red light running is a typical herd mentality of luck, safety consciousness issues, in our volunteer service among the general public and friends still willing to accept explanations and propaganda, recognizing off the acting city civilization construction, security shut the acting family happiness, obey the traffic rules, refused to & lsquo; Chinese style & rsquo; negative phenomena such as crossing the road is imperative, and signed commitments on topics banners.
“Chinese style cross the road & rdquo; has become a microcosm of social ecology, but also the social rules Anomie. Construction civilized traffic, not overnight, depends on the campaigns of normalization depends on strict enforcement of law enforcement agencies, but also depends on self-discipline of traffic participants. Therefore, we as a part of Chinese society, when you walk on the street walking or driving, should reflect, it is not & ldquo; Chinese style cross the road & rdquo; a member of the group of people? We hope that our action, get your identity! In their own words and deeds of civilization, to maximize the transfer of social & ldquo; positive energy & rdquo ;! !
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