Warm winter action to add warmth to poor mountainous areas

The autumn is deep, the wind is cold, the day is warm; the wild goose goes, the sky is high, the clouds are light; you and my love are warm hearted. The morning of October 27, 2013, "Ou Baoan anti volunteer service team" with Ou treasure full of love, the car to Lishui City Xiaoli station > < love. We have caring people donated clothing submitted to the love transfer station, the Ou Bao love and positive energy spread. Thanks to the selfless love Ou Bao not the name of the person involved in loading and transporting supplies, thanks to friends, it is you ou love to treasure like dandelion flying far away! By the Communist Youth League Lishui Liandu District Committee, Liandu District Women's Federation, Liandu District Federation of trade unions, Liandu District Volunteers Association, China photography network jointly launched - "warm winter action", for the poor mountains to add a warm activity. In that day, "Ou Baoan anti Voluntary Service Act", called for the active participation of all. We may not have a high income, we may have no spare money, maybe we can't afford to donate a hope primary school, but we do not need the old to the people who need them, give love, give a new place for old clothes, please love to add new luster to these old clothes and this will be our happiness! It can also bring warm happiness to them! The total donations of love clothes totaling more than 580 pieces of cotton padded clothes, jacket, sweater, scarf and thick winter clothes. The rose fragrance in hand, since the "Ou Baoan anti volunteer service team" since the founding of the volunteers has been a positive response and participation in volunteer service, to every care society's need to get help, carry forward the spirit of volunteerism, and modern civilization counterparts, dedication to young youth, and progress with the society.

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