"Arbor Day" OuBao youth volunteers sow green hope

In March, china。 With a spring green breath coming to us, the spring breeze touching the earth, blowing the green branches of the bud, blowing the green grass on the ground, but also stirred the enthusiasm of volunteers in high and vigorous spirits oubao。 In March 11th, the company oubao volunteer service team of Arbor Day activities in the City Hang Hau village。 There are more than 30 active members, volunteers, their enthusiasm, took a hoe for seedlings of earth。 At this time the event echoed with laughter, a Keke green hope, young trees grow quietly in the breeze。 Once a year the arbor day activities in Ou Bao is a practice, the Youth League organization company members, youth volunteers as a contemporary social youth perform the obligation to plant trees。 At 9:00 on the morning of the 11 day, the Group Committee of Liandu district and the Volunteers Association jointly organized the "five water governance" tree planting activities。 The general branch of our group responded positively to the call of the higher level Youth League Committee, and actively organized and participated in this activity。 A total of 4 members of the league and young volunteers were selected。 They devoted their hands to the barren hillside and put on green makeup。 Further deepen the awareness of environmental protection, beautify the environment。 A good tree has good mountains, good mountain water is good, only the Liancheng haoshanhaoshui scenery。

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