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2013.11.09 Blood Donation Activity
7.23 Wenzhou motor train rear end accident occurred, Lishui city blood center first sent 80 thousand milliliters of blood. And this time is the blood source of blood tight period, blood bank emergency
Ou Bao Charitable Fund issued 20 subsidized poor students
In August 27th, Ou Bao Technology Security Limited by Share Ltd in the meeting room, love. 2012 year Ou Bao fourth grants distribution ceremony held here, grants to 20 families of children in Liandu d
Commitment to comply with traffic rules
“Lobbied for a handful of people can go, and traffic lights unrelated & rdquo; of & ldquo; Chinese style cross the road & rdquo ;, Chinese netizens ridicule, the traffic control department in the reno
Volunteer service square activities
In the morning of September 14th, the organization and coordination group District Volunteers Association, 610 District Office, Liandu District Archives, Liandu District CDPF, Taiping Township volunte
Warm winter action to add warmth to poor mountainous areas
The autumn is deep, the wind is cold, the day is warm; the wild goose goes, the sky is high, the clouds are light; you and my love are warm hearted. The morning of October 27, 2013, "Ou Baoan anti vol
"Arbor Day" OuBao youth volunteers sow green hope
In March, china. With a spring green breath coming to us, the spring breeze touching the earth, blowing the green branches of the bud, blowing the green grass on the ground, but also stirred the enthu
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